Ep. 83 - RISE - Why We’re Chronically Infertile (& my own fertility journey)

Fertility is a topic I’ve been wanting to speak about for a while. 


I’m hugely passionate about getting to the bottom of health concerns and finding the missing pieces. I believe every health challenge has a cause, whether that be physical, emotional or spiritual - perhaps sometimes a culmination of all 3.


In this episode I talk you through my own turbulent fertility journey, before going into the nitty gritty behind why such a staggering amount of us are struggling with fertility in the modern world, the truth about why it’s happening, and what we can do - and need to do - in order to change it, not just for ourselves individually, but for the human race.


It’s deep, it’s intense, it hits on some hard truths, but it’s hugely expensive.


In the episode I mentioned a couple of articles I’ve written:




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