Episode 50 – NADINE ARTEMIS – Holistic Dental Care & Biological Dentistry

This is the second time Nadine Artemis is joining us on the show. (Refer back to episode 38 for our episode on Holistic Beauty, Anti-Ageing and Ancient Wisdom).


In today’s show Nadine will blow your mind with her information about dental care.


Everything you ever thought you knew about how to look after your teeth, dentistry, oral care and oral hygiene need to be thrown out the window as Nadine talks us through what REALLY makes teeth and gums healthy, and how the conventional dentistry model can be the root of autoimmune diseases, cancer and more.


We cover:

The truth about root canals

How to keep teeth and gums healthy

How autoimmune and other issues can be linked to dental work

How to choose a biological dentist

The 8 steps to oral care

How to brush

Kids’ teeth


For a 15% discount on all Nadine’s Living Libations products, visit www.liveinthelight.co.uk and enter code LAUREN15 at checkout.

You can find Nadine on Instagram @nadineartemisofficial and @livinglibationsofficial and their website is www.livinglibations.com



8 Step Oral Care Regime https://dutchhealthstore.com/self-dentistry/        

sage@livinglibations.com for questions on dentistry and trusted biological dentists

Cavity removal from wisdom tooth removal injury, with injection of Ozone & plasma

Thymusin alpha

Dr Elizabeth Yurth

Living Libations products in UK

Can Labs Peptides

NDU Clinic, Harley Street


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