Ep.81 – JO FAIRLEY - When Entrepreneurship Meets Intentionality, w/ Green & Blacks Founder

Jo Fairley is the mind and intuitive force behind the pioneering and industry-defining organic chocolate, Green & Blacks.


Due to a failed crop of peanuts that her husband, Craig Sams, was unable to use for his world-famous Whole Earth peanut butter, they were introduced to a crop of cocoa beans that Jo had the initiative to recognise as something extremely special.


From that, she decided to put every penny from her flat sale into the founding of Green & Blacks, and in this episode, we speak about that journey that changed the planet, her life in the world of business, and how that tied so beautifully into wellness and sustainability (and we talk a lot about chocolate!)



Fashion Declares by The People Tree’s Safia Minnie

Dr Vandana Shiva

L’occitane Divine Harmony Cream




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