Ep. 82 – DR VANDANA SHIVA – Oneness vs the 1% … Food, Soil & the Truth About Bill Gates

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Dr Vandana Shiva is a scholar, food sovereignty advocate and world-renowned environmental activist. The daughter of a Himalayan forest conservator, who became the world’s most powerful opponent of Monsanto. Known by many as the Gandhi of Grain for her tireless work to regain control of the seeds we rely on, out of the hands of big corporations and back into the hands of the people.


I am blown away and absolutely buzzing and inspired after recording this episode and urge you all to listen all the way through.


We discuss:

  • The history of the chemicals used on our food
  • The background of the corporations controlling our food
  • What GMO foods are doing to our health and our planet
  • The truth about Glyphosate and what it’s doing to us
  • The truth about Bill Gates and his involvement in Big Food
  • What is happening to our soil & the ecology of the planet
  • What we can do to create positive change at in individual level
  • Why we are all connected and why it is important for us to understand that at a quantum mechanics level in order for us to avoid extinction


Dr Shiva is holding 2 courses in March 2022

Ecofeminism: The Creative Power of Nature & Women - 

6th to 8th March 2022 - With Dr Vandana Shiva - 150 USD - 730pm IST


Biodiversity as a bridge to happiness

International Happiness Day 18th - 20th - March 2022

Dr Vandana Shiva, Dr Saamdu Chetri - 730pm IST

150 USD


To book onto either of these please email earthuniversity@navdanya.net


You can learn more about Dr Shiva’s work here https://www.sociologygroup.com/vandana-shiva/  

You can watch the film about Dr Shiva’s work here https://vandanashivamovie.com/ 

Buy Oneness vs the 1% anywhere you get your books!

Follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/drvandanashiva 





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