Ep. 78 – JASMINE HEMSLEY – Closer to Nature with Food, Home & Parenting

You may know Jasmine Hemsley from her extremely popular cookbooks, the most recent one being East by West.


But Jasmine is so much more than an author of cookbooks, and the reason I wanted to get her on the podcast – and the reason I enjoyed this chat so much – was because of her dedication to getting closer to nature, and her honesty about the battle between that and modern living.


We discussed:

  • Gut health
  • Parenting as close to nature as possible
  • The overload of information that comes with starting on your wellness journey and how to manage that
  • Tools for healthy living and stress-management
  • Ayurveda
  • Organic food
  • Understanding the body


… and so much more


This was a fun, informal chat that hopefully you’ll find as expansive as I did.


Make sure to subscribe to www.jasminehemsley.com to get her free Cleanse & Rest program. You can also buy Jasmine’s cookbooks and products here, such as the Tongue Tingler, Kansa Wand and Neem Comb.


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