Ep. 74 – UDO ERASMUS – Fats, Gut Health and Stillness

Udo Erasmus is most well-known for his pioneering work in the world of fats and gut health, with his eponymous supplement brand, Udo’s Choice, being one of the leaders in the world of health products and supplements.


However, it’s Udo’s deep connection to, and understanding of, consciousness, that makes him the very special being he is. Although we covered so much about fats and health, this is what made this episode so enlightening.


Because as we know, health isn't just about the physical...


Udo’s Choice was the first probiotic I ever used and the first one I gave my kids, and I’ve been adding Udo’s Oil and Udo’s Greens to our smoothies for years, so this was a bit of a moment!


In this episode we cover:


  • Udo’s background as an orphan fleeing a war-torn country at just 2.5 years old
  • The effects of trauma
  • What consciousness means
  • How to establish a mindfulness or spiritual practice
  • Oils, fats, which ones to avoid and which ones to love
  • Gut health
  • How to be healthy


Also, his voice is totally ASMR so a little warning to listen to this when you can relax.


You can get 20% discount off all Udo’s Choice’s incredible products in the UK by clicking this link and using code LAUREN20. I highly recommend using Udo’s Oil and Udo’s Greens daily.




This season of Reconditioned is kindly sponsored by Block Blue Light UK, the UK’s leading company for anti-blue light products, to fix sleep issues, eliminate eye strain and improve health. Use code LAUREN10 for a 10% discount on all products including light bulbs and glasses.

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