Ep. 73 – RISE WITH MY HUSBAND, DANIEL – Healing Through Love & How to Step Into “The Work”

A special episode to round off the season, if I do say so myself


A question I get asked a lot is, "Was Daniel always conscious and into the work or did he come to it because of you?"


The answer is way more nuanced than that, and my husband and I speak about it in depth in this week's episode - the last of the season and the last of the year.


Because the feminine is in touch with intuition and inner knowing, women often come to inner work and holistic healing before men.


In 95% of people who contact me about natural health options or vaccines, it's the mums, and they say something to the effect of "this doesn't feel right to me and I need information, but my husband thinks I'm nuts".


This is because men in today's world have disconnected so deeply from their Divine Masculine that they no longer have access to intuition, something Daniel has discovered and stepped deeply into.


We wanted to share his journey from mainstream, conditioned thinking and living, to a more holistic and conscious approach to life in all aspects.


In the episode we cover:


- Why he resisted the work for so long

- How hard it was for both of us when we weren't aligned in our thinking

- Why stagnation was a more scary concept to me than anything else in marriage

- What happened when we reached make or break

- How he tackled inner child work and why that was one of the main things that enabled him to see where he needed to make changes

- How this impacts parenthood

- How we create sacred union between us

- How we use what we have learnt to help us through hard times

- Why NO ONE should settle in anything less than beautiful, messy, passionate, crazy love

- Why sometimes, conscious uncoupling really is the only way to step into your rebirth, and shouldn’t always be seen as a bad thing


I can't wait for you all to hear this episode and get to know the incredible man I am fortunate enough to call my life partner.


I’d love to hear your thoughts also! Get in touch over on the Instagram post for this episode to let me know.


This is the last episode of the year so may I take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays. Remember to stay in your truth, remain authentic, and allow the New Year to be yet another opportunity to encourage you into further growth and healing.


GIFT: as a gift for making time for this episode, here is a link to a workbook I've created with exercises to help you and your partner uplevel your relationship https://www.subscribepage.com/uplevel



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