Ep. 64 – DR DOMINIK NISCHWITZ – The Root of Chronic Illness May be In Your Mouth; Biological Dentistry

This episode is extremely close to my heart. I recorded it only a week after my own biological dentistry treatment – the one that FINALLY tackled the root cause of the trigeminal neuralgia I’d been suffering with for a year and a half.


Dr Dome (as he is known in the wellness circles!) is basically the father of biological dentistry, running a hugely successful clinic in Germany and teaching conventional dentists from all over the world how to practice biological dentistry.


After realising that nearly 70% of chronic illness starts in the mouth – either due to microbiome or previous dentistry – it’s no wonder that Dr Dome and many others in the health optimisation world are trying to get this message out there.


In this episode we covered:


  • How root canal treatments can be the trigger or root cause of many autoimmune diseases and even cancer
  • How tooth removal (especially wisdom teeth) can lead to jaw cavitations – something conventional dentistry is yet to understand. These cavitations can lead to health issues and extreme pain conditions such as trigeminal neuralgia
  • The dangers of mercury amalgam fillings, and how to have them safely removed
  • How we should be looking after our teeth
  • The huge role nutrition and health optimisation play in oral hygiene
  • What is involved in a biological dentistry treatment or procedure


Honestly, we covered so much more, so have a listen to this episode to educate yourself on how to use your mouth to stay healthy, and what to do if you’ve had conventional dentistry that could be the cause of your health concerns.


You can find Dr Dome on Instagram @drdome1 and his book, It’s All in Your Mouth, can be found anywhere you get your books


For more info on my coaching services, academy and events, visit www.laurenvakninecoaching.com where you can also sign up to my newsletter to receive my free 7-Step Guide to Complete Wellbeing.


This episode of Reconditioned is supported by NDU Clinic, London’s leading biological dentistry clinic; a one-of-a-kind clinic that combines biological dentistry with functional medicine to optimise not only your dental health, but your general well-being, using practices such as safe mercury removal, removal of root canals and hidden infections, treatment of inflammation, treatment of cavitations and much more. Visit nduclinic.com and receive 10% off your initial consultation and any scans or hygienist appointment by letting them know you came through Lauren on the Reconditioned podcast!

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