Ep. 47 – DR TOMMY JOHN – Sovereignty, Health Freedom & What It Really Takes to Beat A Pandemic


If you’re not one of the 100k people following Dr Tommy John on Instagram, you need to get on it. A former professional athlete, a published author and chiropractic doctor running the Dr. Tommy John Performance and Healing Center in San Diego, his passion is to show people what it means to be truly sovereign and free within their bodies; to break down the constructs keeping us sick and to teach his proven "Way to Live Utilizing the 8 Essentials to Performance and Healing," a system for harnessing action steps to adapt and thrive in this lifetime.


There’s not much we didn’t go into in this episode in terms of health freedom, body autonomy, pandemic theories, the true reason for ill health, why we are living in a state of perpetual fear and dis-ease and about his new venture, Health Freedom for Humanity alongside health freedom advocate, Alec Zeck.


DISCLAIMER / TRIGGER WARNING: This may be triggering to people who have lost anyone due to the pandemic. We explore many ideas surrounding this that are not commonplace or mainstream. However, if you’re here to be open and learn new ways of thinking that will enhance your health and growth, you’ll find this very expansive.


You can find Dr Tommy on Instagram @nakedtj_ (his account keeps getting deleted due to censorship so this is the latest one at the time of releasing this ep) and his own podcast The Dr Tommy John Podcast, and Health Freedom for Humanity


Mentioned in the show:

David Whyte - Essentials

Christiane Northrup – Goddesses Never Age


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