Ep. 22 – KAREN HURD, Nutritionist & Biochemist on How to Heal from Any Condition with Food

Today’s episode is with nutritionist and biochemist, Karen Hurd. After her 18-month-old daughter’s tragic poisoning, and her subsequent quest to heal her daughter, Karen came up with a method of detoxing that, simplistic as it is at its core, no one had yet thought of. Since then she has been asked to speak and teach all over the world, and she has a database of over 50,000 people who have had success from her protocols. Karen’s philosophy in approaching health is that “food has the power to kill; food has the power to heal. It’s your choice.”

In this episode we talk about the essence of lasting health, preventative medicine and nutrition. Karen’s knowledge of nutrition and the human body is astounding and she takes us through how the human body processes toxins, how disease occurs and how to remedy it.

It gets a bit science-y because of Karen’s deep understanding of these subjects, and the episode is fairly long but if you can make time, I promise you will benefit from the information!

We touch on Karen’s online courses that treat everything from autoimmune and inflammatory conditions to fertility issues, Crohn’s, thyroid problems, ADD and even cancer.

You can find Karen and her courses at www.karenhurd.com


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