Ep. 32 - JAY SHETTY - The Real Meaning of Spirituality, Season 3 Finale Special

I was honoured to be joined in this season 3 finale special, by my friend, spiritual guide and motivational speaker, Jay Shetty. Jay and I met through our spiritual connections many years ago and in that time he has not only been a friend, but also a mentor of sorts, like he is for so many others. The lessons I have learnt from him (and his equally insightful wife Radhi) have been humbling and life-defining.

So many people know Jay’s work and have listened to him speaking about his life as a monk, about his lifestyle and beliefs and about the work he does. So in order to make this episode as unique and expansive as possible, I set the intention to really get to know Jay as the person – not the speaker / author / teacher – by delving into some of the subjects he rarely speaks about in interviews. The result was a rare candid discussion filled with honesty, personal insights, laughter and of course ancient wisdom for the modern day, in a way that you’ve never heard Jay before.

To preface: the intro is a little long as I had some exciting news to share that I'd love you all to hear!

Topics: spirituality, purpose, comparison, judgement, love, happiness, life in LA, becoming successful, making it in business


You can find Jay on Instagram @jayshetty

You can also head over to www.jayshetty.me and https://jayshettycoaching.com/ as well as his Jay Shetty Genius membership program https://jayshettygenius.com/. You can also listen to On Purpose here

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